Wicked Review

Remember when you were young, still in single digits, and life was filled with wonderful, magical experiences without the use of mind altering substances? Then as you got older, cynical, and jaded, expectations grew and you suddenly became a critic? Well that’s what happened to me, and only on rare occasion does this cynic get to feel the absolute thrill of being a kid again. But it happened, last week, as I nestled into my seat at the Capital Theatre, the lights turned low, and the wonder of Wicked began, that’s exactly how it felt, magical.
The settings/props were the best I’ve seen with the use of old style and modern technology. The songs were catchy, the melodies playing the part of an emotional guide throughout the play. The type of melodies that you are instantly attracted to. The singing was amazing, with the two main charactors, Galinda the Good and Elphaba (Wicked witch of the west) cast well with their contrasting tones.
The balance of comedy, excitement, romance and anticipation perfectly written and timed. An incredible alternate story line about how the Wicked Witch of the West came to be that guarantees you will never look at the Wizard of Oz the same again. Without giving too much away, this is simply the best musical I’ve had the pleasure of viewing and would recommend it to anyone.

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