Camcorder for duds – What not to do on a business trip

Leaving Penang behind us, my boss and I spent the remainder of our trip in Singapore, and after finishing up with all our on paper duties, we were keen to invest in the other past time Singaporeans are famous for– shopping!

I don’t know how we got this brilliant idea, but somehow we had it in our heads that we both needed a new camcorder. My boss has young children and wanted to capture all the moments of their childhood. And I am, admittedly, a marketers dream, a consumer who could see a reason and necessity for almost anything.

Tip 1 – Never purchase expensive electrical goods with someone who doesn’t know anything about the electrical product in question. ‘excuse me, does this come in pink?’

Tip 2 – Never purchase expensive electrical goods with someone who gets easily excited by aesthetics ‘look how little it is!! And it takes photo’s and videos too! bonus!!!’

Tip 3 – Never purchase expensive electrical goods with someone who is easily impressed by an enthusiastic salesman. ‘ wow, I’ve never ever heard of this brand but it must be a really outstanding product!’

Tip 4 – Never take shopping advise from someone who does not handle their own budget – (thinking time 1,2,3,4) ‘fuck it, lets just get it, fuck it’ (followed by lots of nodding)

Quick side note ‘ Fuck it’ is a famous thought prior to landing in brokesville.

My boss and I perfectly suited each of the above categories, and if you can imagine us both as cheerleaders while our salesman pitched and scored a home run, you’re not far off from what was the reality of the situation. Not only did we believe we had a win, we were under the illusion that we had cheated the other team! Buying 2 (TWO) of these camcorders and getting a ‘discount’ for the double purchase!

We left the store high on our victory, and have since taken many blurry photo’s and grainy movies.

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