Where do the locals eat? – Memorable moments in the city of Xian

While sifting through the Muslim Markets, which there is nothing Muslim about by the way, we stumbled apon a cafeteria which seemed to have the most amazing food at about a 1/4 of the price of the cafes and shopping centre food courts.

Desperately wanting to chose a meal from one of the vendors but not knowing what was what, we settled for a Japanese stall that had pictures of the dishes on their menu. Mmm, pointing, this I can do!
I’m unable to relay what the name of the shop was as it was all in chinese characters, but the sushi rolls were great! What would normaly cost $8 AUD was only 8 RMB (equivalent to $1.15 AUD) Cheap Cheap!

But don’t expect to ever get exactly what you’ve requested. Pointing to the picture of the salmon and avocado sushi rolls, I received something more like salted dry fish and cucumber with crab extender and some other type of vegie. I returned the next evening to try again which resulted in salmon with cucumber and again some other sort of vegie. Closer, but no bananna.

I tried to communicate the error, and was handed more wasabi and soya sauce with a smile. After 5 packets of soy and wasabi, I stopped trying. Deep down I think she understood what I was saying, but it was probably more fun to mess with me… it’s ok, it was still the best cheap food I had in Xian.

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