Something about the cats and dogs

I love how in Beijing, particularly in Nanlougu Xiang, cats and dogs are allowed in bars and cafe’s, not just in the alfresco areas, actually in the bar and cafe. Sitting next to you, lazing about, playing with other puppies, I even have this cute white kitten playing with my toes right now – I love it!

Most people wouldn’t understand this, but while in China I’ve been wishing my dogs and cats were here, not only because I miss them terribly, but also so I could share this experience with them (WHAT?!). For example, while I was doing the Great Wall I was thinking how much Hiro and Sumo would have loved it! Crazy huh? But they are like my children..

The little kitten, less than a year old, who was playing with my toes, is now terrorising a couples romantic lunch. I can understand where the cats coming from, there’s a fly on the window that needs urgent attention, I can see it and totally understand. But unfortunately, I don’t think these patrons are too happy about the kitten pouncing through their meal to catch the fly. Hopefully they won’t complain though. He’s just a kitten. Besides, the fly is much more unhygienic than the cat.

Now, I’ve also seen a lot of less than satisfactory animal treatment, which I won’t go into because it breaks me, and Beijing is not the rest of China, I’ve heard that pets in Beijing have only recently become a household luxury. Before then, the Beijing culture wasn’t too animal friendly at all.

Still, I wish Sydney had more pet friendly cafe’s and pubs.

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  1. Jax
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 14:27:57

    Rory and I often say to each other, “Can you imagine if Poppy was here?”. Then we’d imagine the destruction and agree it was probably best she wasn’t. xo


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