To Ashram, or not to Ashram?

I’ve always been drawn to India. Ever since I watched Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, the thought of India always filled me with a sense of mystery, adventure and danger.

So with this in mind, the closer it got to Ashram time, the more and more I thought I could be doing better things in India than hanging out with Swami’s and chanting Sanskrit at the crack of dawn.

T, on skype – ‘I don’t know how long I’m going to last in the Ashram. I was thinking of just doing it for a few days then just traveling around the area, see what happens.’

Dale – ‘Aww come on, you have to do it, you can’t go all the way to India and not do the ashram.’

T – ‘No, I’m definitely going to give it a go’ already researching the other towns that I could visit in that time.

Then the night before I departed Chengdu for India, after finding and extracting a couple of white hairs from my head (WTF?!), and checking out how weary my skin looked, I decided that a couple of weeks in an ashram, learning to meditate, with 5 hours of yoga a day and only vegetarian food, wasn’t such a bad idea – My body deserved this, especially my liver and kidneys.

With the decision made, I committed to giving it my non critical all, abiding by the ashram rules including only eating with my right hand , and being disciplined with the Ashram schedule while keeping myself open to any brain-washing.

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