Ranthambore National Park Tiger reserve – Tips when tiger spotting

I quote ‘Ranthambore National Park is generally considered one of the best places in India to see a tiger in the wild’ and ‘is Famous for its tiger sightings’.

We jump into a canter, a large army style open air jeep that has no suspension, and head into the jungle to spot us some tigers.

Tip 1 – Ladies, and some men, if ever in a canter, a sports bra is a MUST. Perhaps even two.

Tip 2 – Wear a cap and sunglasses to stop sharp branches doing too much damage to your face as you drive through the narrow jungle paths.

As I repeatedly got slapped in the face with rogue branches and spiky leaves, I decided that a guide who ducks out-of-the-way of pokey branches and shrubbery without yelling ‘duck’ as a warning to the others behind him in the canter is no guide at all..

Tip 3 – When the staff of the park were asked if there has ever been a tiger sighting in Ranthambore park, which had only opened in August last year, the answer was a straight out ‘No’. Now, I’m not saying that Ranthambore national park is a tiger spotting scam, only that it’s good practice to qualify if your tiger reserve is authentic or if it’s just a tourist money-making swindle.

Fortunately, we did get to witness an eagle successfully prey on a snake making it all worthwhile.

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