Village walk – Magical moments of Karauli

Walking around the village town was my favourite moment in Karouli. It was like stepping back in time when every shop was owned, operated and run by the local tradespersons of sweets, bangles, rolling pins and leaf plates. Loud, dusty, noisy and smelly yet charming. During this walk, I learnt that cows eat practically anything, and pigs definitely do.

There was even a lady making dung cake for biofuel.

T, referring to the many pigs roaming the streets for scraps to ‘pig out’ on ‘I’m trying to work out why there are so many pigs around? I mean, they’re not considered holy animals, hindu’s don’t eat them and neither do muslims, they don’t offer milk as far as I know…what’s their role in this society?’

Jason – ‘To eat al the garbage’ indicating to the trash in all the old, old, school gutters and littered on the dirt streets ‘And for hair brushes, and some Hindus do eat pork. They just don’t advertise it’

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