Enough of this camping bullshit, we’re off to Buenos Aires!

I knew (Mr)K and I would get along famously, when in conversation while in the middle of this amazing life adventure in the exotic and incredible South America, experiencing wonders such as the Cocla Canyon, Lake Titicaca, and Machu Picchu, he casually comments in his soft British accent‘Nothing impresses me..’

I found this hilarious! But at some level I understood. Something was missing in my travels since leaving the home of Sue and Roy in Lima. I’d been seeing the sights, enjoying the adventure, but I was lacking in experiencing the culture, in developing local friendships, the more personal experiences of being invited to Argentinian BBQ’s, house parties, and new friends homes for dinners, to drink yerba mate tea and have a smoke while listening to the Argentinian opinions and its popular and much loved rock music.. Some of the wonderful things that came from getting to know a country and its people. The people part was missing.

So it was with K that I traveled to the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, rented an apartment for a month in the chic district of Palermo, and took a break from all the nature camping bullshit to gain a deeper familiarity with the more social and cultural aspects of Argentina.

Operation ‘Go Local’ begins.

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