The breakfast conversation NOT to have – Magical moments of Karauli

Waking up after a night’s rest in Karauli

Apji, to Sam and T ‘So how did you guys sleep?’

Sam – ‘Not so great’, then laughing ‘Did you hear us screaming?’

T, as Apji shakes his head ‘no’ – ‘We had a bug incident. We were doing our usual gossiping before going to sleep, then Sam lifts her head off her pillow and right there next to her head was this big black bug with legs and wings! So Sam had this brilliant idea of taking the pillow outside with the bug still on it and setting it free, but as she lifts the pillow the bug jumped off and onto the bed. Sam came screaming back into the corner of the room where I was standing. So I then decide to catch it with some tissue, but as I neared the bed and almost had it in my hand, it jumped on me, and I came screaming back into the corner. So then,’ (pausing, cringing slightly, realising how the story ends and what I would have to tell the expectant group over breakfast), ‘so then, we killed it with our shoe’ shamefully puts head down, starts eating cereal.

Note – We panicked. It was an uncontrolable reaction, and we’re sorry.