Missed Plane No Money – What not to do on a business trip

It was finally time to go home – my boss and I were so excited! Spending the last couple of weeks together was really getting on our nerves and the irritation cracks were starting to appear. Not only that, we both had no money left.

You might ask how this could happen? Overseas on a business trip and you both have no money?! Truth be told, I have no idea how this came to be. There were some contributing factors, like I didn’t get paid enough and had been relying on my boss to front all the bills. Oh, and I had just purchased this really awesome expensive camcorder! Why my boss was broke I put down to bad budgeting, and he had just bought a new amazing camcorder too.

Scraping our shrapnel together, we concluded there was enough funds to get us on the monorail , but only to the second stop just before the Airport. We were going to have to wing it.

Loaded up with our luggage, we walked to the monorail station and purchased a ticket to as close to the airport as possible. We nervously planned to fast talk some tale to get us on the other side of the gates and pumped ourselves up for the confrontation. Fortunately, there was no guard and the gate was wide open – We were home free!

Getting to the Singapore Airlines counter, chuckling over our narrow escape, we smile at the check-in lady and hand over our itineraries… to which she politely informs us that our 12am red-eye flight had departed the night before.

Now if you can imagine, as she gave us the news that made time stop, the lights behind her got really bright forcing me to squint, her voice took on a low, demonic tone, and I swear I felt something pop in my left ear. I did a slow motion turn to my boss and found that he had already cleared a space behind us. I watched in horror as he proceeded to jump up and down, arms and knees high in the air, fist clenched, repeatedly chanting ‘FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!’

A Singapore Airline customer care rep came over to see what was causing such a commotion. Realising that my boss was in no shape to communicate, I pulled myself together and explained our epic fail as calmly, yet desperately, as I could.

I don’t know if it was my boss’s chanting or the fact that I had broken out in hives, but the customer care rep took great pity on us and kindly informed us that they were willing to waive any fees and put us on tonights red-eye flight.

Plug – I LOVE Singapore Airlines.

We flew in silence, exhausted and grateful to be on our way home. We’d work out how to get home from the airport without any cash or credit later.