Signs to stay – Ashram life

My exit plan was delayed with the broken ashram internet connection. Besides that, I had woken up with a new attitude. Really, there was nothing hard about staying in an ashram. I just had to slow down.

I get back to my room after the daily lecture to find that I have a new roomie

Jennie, a British forensic scientist who had just come from a conference in Sydney, was a Godsend to me. She’s a spiritual seeker, smart, and has a great sense of humour, which was a necessity with some of the ashram inappropriate jokes that were flying out of my mouth.

Jennie – ‘I ate a bacon sandwich this morning’

T – ‘Watch out, they’ll smell it on you’

It seemed the mosquito’s could smell it on her, and they loved it, giving Jennie many welcoming bites on her first day. Jennie had no problems exterminating mosquito’s and ants, or switching her natural repellant to chemical, she was a Virgo with a birthday the day after mine. It was perfect.

Jennie – ‘Amma (the famous female hugging Guru) came to london and my spiritual friend and I got tickets to see her. We thought we’d have some Indian for dinner then get our hug. Easy. It wasn’t until 7am in the morning, after spending the night on the auditorium floor, did we get our hug. And by that time I was really irritated thinking ‘this better be some hug’.. And it was – she hugged me and everything was instantly good, there was an energy about her. She’s a very special lady.’

T – ‘Did she say anything to you?’

Jennie – ‘Before she hugged me she said ‘Maradona’, which is the Argentinian footballer. I thought that was weird but then I got a hug and decided to forget the Maradona bit.’