Never mix alcohol and shopping! – An event in Kuala Lumpur

My cousin Sheba invites me to go along with her to what we thought was a ‘high tea’ event that her good friend Christy was hosting at the Gardens Mid-Valley Plaza in Kuala Lumpur.

To our surprise, high tea turned out to be a special sales event held in the Millenium fashion boutique, serving delicious canapes and a free flow of wine.

Strong willed on a frugal budget, I sit down obediently in the lounge area, distancing myself from temptation. I enviously watch the other ladies work through the display racks of beautiful designer clothing and shoes. It would have been rude to leave, so I did what any sane person on a budget would do – I ate all the free food and drank as much free wine as possible.

Not the smartest move I admit. After my third wine, these black leather Hugo Boss boots that I’d been eyeing off got a whole lot more attractive. By my fourth wine I was in love. I move closer to the boots, circle them, touch them. I was aching to try them on, just to see what they looked like. A shop assistant stops by and asks if I would like more wine, I nod seductively and clumsily slip on the display boot which happened to be just my size … it fit like a glove, is this a sign? I think so… And they look great, is that another sign? Yes!

The question was, where wouldn’t I go in these studded high-heeled leather boots! That’s it, if they fit on my credit card, it’s meant to be! No? ..oh, then if my cousin Sheba offers to pay for them first on her credit card, since mine didn’t go through, then it’s REALLY meant to be! ! eet twas purrrfect *hiccup*

At 3am that morning I wake in a full buyers remorse panic, sweating, with shallow breaths, stressed out over the money I had just thrown away. Really, why the hell do I need high-heel designer boots? What was I going to do – wear them fabulously while trekking through South America for the next 6 months???

Expensive lesson – NEVER mix alcohol and shopping.