Haggling is an important part of retail therapy

It happened all too quickly at the Yashow Markets, haggling with Lilly the sales rep.

Lilly – States asking price.
T – Politely laughs in her face.
T – States prefered buy price (half of what Lilly’s asking).
Lilly – Laughs sarcastically, curses loudly in Mandarin (I think), then leans in and quietly brings her price down to something a little less ridiculous.
T- Shakes head, and starts walking away.
Lilly – Calls me back and asks for my ‘real price’
T – Requests something a tiny bit higher than initial buy price
Lilly – Pretends to cry poor.
T – States that the last buy price is final
Lilly –Accepts, but ‘only because we are friends’
T – Goes to the ATM, and gets out original buy price amount only, comes back to Lilly and says ‘this is all I have so can’t afford to pay for the goods today’
Lilly – More cussing in Mandarin, then reluctantly takes the money.

I’m the new owner of an Olympus U8000 Tough camera – water, shock, and weather proof 🙂