Odin & Tiara’s comedy of misadventures – Part 1

I wake up slightly drunk from the night before and walk into the Hostel Natura reception area at Foz do Iguacu. I see Odin sitting at the one and only computer, his face furrowed in deep concentration, and there was something else strange about this scene that I couldn’t quite put my finger on…

Odin, without turning from the computer monitor – ‘ We’ve missed the bus. Everyone’s gone. They’ve left us.’

Head implodes… FUCK!

And I had left my passport in the safe-keeping of some girlfriends with the assumption that we were all going to be on the same bus!

Odin – ‘I have your passport’

Breathes sigh of optimism

Thanks to a capriniah too many (lethal Brazilian cocktail), I’d missed the Tucan tour bus that had left 3 hours earlier that morning with ALL OF MY LUGGAGE!

Thankfully, I still had my handbag and daypack (money & notebook), Passport, and the clothes I had on my back.

And Odin. At least I had Odin with me, the other drunk idiot that had missed the bus. (by ten minutes)

T, feeling stupid and irresponsible with a hangover that’s pounding in ears and left eye, shakes head in disbelief – ‘Of all the fuckwits to be left behind, it had to be us.’