Lazy afternoons of ice-cream and literature

I’ve simultaneously become addicted to Haagen-Dazs ice-cream and Paulo Coelho novels. In fact, my favourite thing to do when I’m too tired to be a tourist is plant myself into a cozy Haagen-Dazs lounge and slurp ice-cream while reading for the afternoon.

See the picture? That’s what I devoured yesterday, while relishing Paulo Coelho’s ‘Zahir’. Belgium chocolate rum ice-cream with a cookies & cream ice-cream bar resting on a warm chocolate brownie, with an extra scoop of rich chocolate ice-cream for good measure.

I know, I’m in China, what am I doing in a German cafe reading books when I could easily do that at home? Truth be told I never even thought to do this at home, there’s always someone to meet, or somewhere I have to be. Im on holidays, and essentially I can do what ever I want, and if what makes me happy is eating ice-cream for dinner four days in a row, then so be it. Maktub