Food, Friends, Drink, Singapore!

After a night of bad nachos, beers that made my guts complain, and an entrée sized overpriced main meal, I was ready for some good, tasty, food that I knew was out there.

First stop, the hawker centre right near Ms J’s new digs in Mountbatten, Singapore.

10.30am Breakfast – Prawn wanton noodle soup – spicy.
Rating –
flavour was pretty good. The wanton size was fairly small, but considering we were going to eat again within the next half hour, I let it slide.

11.30am Lunch Sushi Tei (a sushi train) – OMG, the variety of freshly cut sushi and combinations available was mouth watering. The sushi was so good that I conveniently forgot about the wanton noodle soup I had just scoffed down 15 minutes prior. 17 pieces of sushi later, with a scoop of green tea ice cream, and the night of lousy western food was forgiven.

Afternoon drinks – Wine, gas-bagging, wine, gas-bagging, wine, wine, cheezles, wine.


Evening Fish spa time – Recommendation, when drunk one must visit a fish spa.

I sat there along side Ms J, Mr T and Little Lil, thoroughly enjoying the squirmish, tickling sensations as the hundreds of small to medium-sized garra ruffa Doctor fish hungrily attacked the dead skin on our heels, thinking that if they could only get these vivacious swimmers to suck floors, clean toilets, and perhaps walk the dog, I would seriously consider moving to Singapore. Then to add to the surreal moment, we broke into song as John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ played through the spa stereo, singing passionately to those little fishies of a world with no religion, no countries, no possessions or greed or hunger, and everyone living in peace.. it was a moment that no ashram could have bettered.

Night ride on the Singapore flyer (Singapore eye) – It was gorgeous! Now, I’ve been to Singapore many many times, in fact my father grew up in Singapore, but this was the first time I really saw how beautiful Singapore was. The lines, the lights, the design – it was like a modern Gotham city with the Marina Bay Sands casino winning in attention and wow factor.

Supper time at Zumba’s in the Stadium – Oh yeah! When in Singapore one must eat chilli crab!! It was juicy, succulent, fresh, tasty, succulent, delightful, spicy, dirty, messy – It was DELICIOUS!!

A perfect day spent with good friends in Singapore 🙂