Ranthambore Fort – The history and the myths.

Our Ranthambore local guide lead us on a leisurely walk through Ranthambore Fort, the centrepiece of the park, informing us of the history, religion, rituals and pointing out interesting architectural designs.

I especially liked to learn that back in the day when the enemies used to ride around on elephants, you had to build the entry gate to your fort to the side of a path so that if an elephant charges, it has to turn right or left just before impact and, due to this turn, will lose its momentum, force, and balance.

Scott, taking in the massive size of the fort and the labor intensive effort and time it would have taken to build, mused – ‘Wow, I wonder what it must have been like before and when they figured that out?’

T, laughing over the comedy of logistics involved for such a simple innovation – ‘Guess its time to build a whole new fort’

We walk past a temple on the hill. Opposite the temple, strung on the bushes are various items of dirty and old-looking pieces of ladies clothing and beads.

Local guide – ‘This is from when a woman recovers from leperocy, she hangs her clothing here as a sign that she is well’

Jason and T – ‘Aaaah’ nodding

Returning on the same path after viewing the remaining site, we pass by the same cloth-covered bush, this time walking with Apji, our tour leader

Apji – ‘Guys, this temple is to the God that grants wishes to Women, women come and pray here and then hang a piece of their clothing on the bushes near the temple’

Jason and T – ‘Aaaah’ nodding again, giving each other a sideways glance.

T, on the hush to Jason – ‘What happen to the leprocy?’

Jason – ‘Who knows, they could tell us anything’