Salta rafting – Accidents, injuries, dogs.. fun!

A two hour drive from Salta city is Juramento River’s gorge, located at kilometre 34, where we excitedly set up camp and got ready for our rafting adventure.

There were 8 people in my raft, 6 women, 2 men, and our guide Frank, a cheeky and entertaining German man who has lived in Argentina for past four years.

Frank – ‘Today, is almost perfect. I only have two problems today… and they’re sitting in the back.’ referring to the men in the raft.

The river was beautiful, bordered with multi-coloured dirt mountains the shades of sapphire and emerald unpolished gems. It was a sunny gorgeous day for what was my most enjoyable excursion in South America (The Inca trail wins the most memorable and amazing award) . Sun, scenery, water, good company.. the only thing missing down these 15 rapids was the wine!

A very unique feature of Salta rafting – The labrador dogs have been ingeniously trained to work as life guards, complete with life jackets, and will jump into the river to swim a safety rope to whoever goes over-board. Incredible!

Accidents and injuries.
After a particularly violent bump against the rapid, both Amy and Caitlin bounced out of the raft. Frank quickly hauled Caitlin back into safety however Amy wasn’t as lucky and was swiftly swept away.

Amy – ‘I just told myself not to panic and put my feet forward like we’d been told, but the rocks were hitting my arse and I kept swallowing water, I was freaking out but all I could do was smile’ And smile she did! A frozen open-mouthed smile of bewilderment that got tinier and tinier. And tinier.

V lost a tooth when a paddle hit her in the face while trying to perform ‘rock and roll’ (when everyone has to go from sitting on the edge of the raft, into the body of the raft.)

T, looking at V with blood running down the side of her mouth – ‘Poor girl, you’d be FURIOUS at whose ever paddle it was.’

Girls in the raft – ‘It was her own!’

T – ‘Oh… well, when you have only yourself to blame, it doesn’t seem so bad.’