The kind of love where almost nothing else matters

Ms J moved her gifted 15-year-old daughter (Little lil), 2 gorgeous dogs weighing in at 120kg together, an amazingly good-natured 17 year-old cat, a house full of furniture, and her life to Singapore from Sydney over a month ago for nothing but love.

At 43, after having had her heart-broken by men (twice divorced), being severely disappointed with men, and is VERY capable of living her life without being dependant on a man, I find it truly admirable that she still has the courage, and passion, to gamble with love.

Ms J – ‘I say to Mr T that “life began at 40 because that’s when I met you”‘

I sat across from Ms J and Mr T in the touristy but very pretty social area of Boat Quay by the water, watching Mr T at his best play the politically incorrect, daringly humorous, ‘OMG I can’t believe he hasn’t been arrested in Singapore yet’, drunk clown. And I feel the warmth of love and acceptance, with a slight waft of ‘there must be something wrong with me’ reverberate from my good friend Ms J as she smiles embarrassed yet completely charmed by his antics – It was simply adorable.

I envied this kind of love – The kind that gives you the back-bone to take these life changing risks . The kind where almost nothing else matters!

Then the envy turned into the realisation that this is exactly how I feel about my own journey – that I had left everything (career, property, love, pets), and taken on the risk of having nothing when I returned, in order to be free.

OMG – I feel this way about MYSELF!