Sydney puts the FU in FUN – Daniela’s and Timmy’s Birthday Bash

It was Daniela’s and Timmy’s birthday on Saturday night and, to my delight, Oxford street had the honour of hosting this special occasion! Dani and Timmy are a colourful married couple, with a 20 month old dingo called Ernie. Living in the inner west, they have shared many, many, good times with almost everyone they have met.

Ahhh Oxford street. I’d spent many a Thursday night to Tuesday morning cruising the bars and clubs along this strip, from the Burdeken, Mars Lounge (Cougar Lounge), the old DCM’s, Nevada Lounge, Oxford Art Factory, The Gaffar (Rogues), Columbian, Qbar, GasLight, Midnight Shaft, Ark, the list goes on..


It was 8pm when we rocked up to Low 302, next to Gaslight, quarter tanked on Vodka. The financial strategy was that if we drank at home first, theoretically, we wouldn’t need to spend as much money on drinks out. In practice, as the booze took effect, all strategy went out the window and I believe we spent even more money than if we had come out fresh like everyone else. For example, while everyone else slowly sipped on their cocktails, we started with tequila slammers. It was only uphill with deep pockets from here on.

Low 302 went by in a blur, lots of chatting with good friends, everyone looked beautiful and acted loudly, as they should at such an event. In opposition, the venue was intimate, with lots of wooden, natural curved furnishings, low ceilings, candles, and a capacity of always just under the handful of people waiting to get in off the streets.

I had dressed ‘rocky’ expecting there to be a rock band based on the image of the Low 302 webpage. Unfortunately, Rock band there was not. Sitting outside in the smoking arena I do recall hearing some music, commercial sing-a-long that kept the place humming but didn’t overtake from the conversation. Our time came to a close at Low 302 as Dani gave her birthday speech, eyes shut, one hand triumphantly placed in the sky, ‘ I love all my bitches…’ Right on!

Dani's birthday speech

From Low 302 we naturally gravitated towards the QBar. There’s a running joke between my girlfriend Sara and I. QBar sucks you in and spits you out – Sometimes without your spine. I had left my spine in QBar back in 2002. I wanted it back, I could use a good spine in my travels.

Lesbian night at the Qbar was an unexpected twist. But only for those of us who notice the hundreds of loved up women grinding happily close to our tight circle. Others were oblivious. Lucky them.

Daniela and the Queen @ The Sweet Spot

An executive decision was made and back we were out on Oxford Street, this time heading towards the sweet spot – The Columbian. I have never, ever, had a bad time in the Columbian. Making friends with every kind of person possible, dancing to their funky tunes and drinking away until you don’t remember leaving. Or even arriving. Images flash before me.. Daniela being carried around like a queen on the shoulders of a loyal servant, blowing kisses to her minions. Bonding moments in the ladies cubicles (I love my bitches!), braving the cold streets with the smokers, being bewildered as a couple of my girlfriends got their bags stolen but not really being in the right frame of mind to offer any advise, assistance or use. Both Mark and Julie being able to see, actually see, the same invisible chair against the wall before falling ass flat on the dance floor while I laughed and laughed and laughed… until I started to fade. It was time to go home.