Poo puzzle solved

During my time in China, whenever I’ve seen a local baby, he or she is never wearing a nappy, and instead wears baby shorts with a split down the backside so the babies butt is always bare (we’re talking babies and toddlers).

I’ve been curious as to how this system works – Where does the faeces go? On the streets? At such a young age, were babies able to warn their parents in advance when they needed to make a toilet run ? What if there wasn’t a toilet around??

The other day when I was exploring the town, I saw this man who had been walking his dog come to a halt, place a doggie bag under his patiently waiting ,squatting dog, and when the bag was suitably positioned, the dog then began to crap right into the doggie bag. Being a canine owner myself, I thought this was a breakthrough in the dumping/cleaning process.

Today, I was happily watching the seal show at the Zoo Aquarium, when the young chinese family sitting next to me caught my full attention by hovering their baby close to the ground, its legs bent and in squatting position, the mother then placed an open sandwich bag under the baby’s bottom, and soothingly coaxed him into doing his business by making blowing and whistling noises.

I felt a clash of emotions as this tiny human obediently strained to do his mothers bidding beside my left leg.
Satisfied ‘ So that’s how it works!’
Impressed ‘what a smart baby!’
Uncertainty ‘ is this normal..?’ looking around
Offended and slightly paranoid, ‘Do I give people the shits?’ (see blog titled Tale of two toilets)
Interest ‘what happens next?’
And ‘should I give the lady eating a hard boiled egg in front of me the heads up?’

As if on cue, the seal show came to a close, and I made my exit traveling faster than the speed of smell.