Good-bye to my panda’s

In my final day, I said a tearful goodbye to my panda’s, who I had gotten really attached to in such a short time.

Mason – The young smaller panda from the San Diego zoo, who you can hear suck in air as he’s gobbling down his food, always hungry and loves to make a bed out of his bamboo while eating it. I totally relate.

Lilly – The only female panda in my enclosure who didn’t have a baby to nurse, is constantly licking her stubby tail and being told off for this habbit by Du, the friendly and informative keeper who I had developed a great admiration for.

And Shymon – The big daddy of the crew. At 17 years old, he’s earnt the right to make me wait while he gets into his sitting position and slowly places each paw on the bars, the only position that allows him to be fed. Shymon’s quirk is to rear up on his hind legs and do a pirouette exciedly when it’s feeding time. Again, I relate.

It was a privilage to get to know these very special creatures.

Don’t bite me, I’m only here to help

The time had finally come for me to be with my beloved panda’s. I moved into the Panda breeding centre in Bifiengxia and got ready for my first interaction with the 1-year-old panda’s. Walking into the enclosure, I was greeted by the eight of them lazing around, eating, making mewing noises, and slapping each other on the backs. It was amazing.

I scratch a few on their heads and start giving them some bamboo to eat, lazy things were just lying there on their backs waiting for me to hand them their food. Making them even more gorgeous!!

A little guy came over to me and put his paw on my knee

T – ‘Hey fella, awww, you’re so beautiful!’

He then lifts himself up from my knee and wraps his decent size jaw around my left shoulder.


The pressure on my shoulder was so painful that it caused me to jump up with it still attached. He let go just as I’m fully upright and casually waddles off while I’m left there furiously rubbing my shoulder and calling him names. The keepers were not impressed. But one of the helpers managed to snap a photo.