‘Now I know where you live’ -The Elusive CCTV Tower Part 2

After my initial failed attempt at finding the elusive CCTV tower, I did a little online research and discovered that there were indeed 2 CCTV towers. So the following day, I started out my second attempt in the scorching Beijing heat, this time armed with directions.

My directions ended at the subway station closest to the tower, with the next logical step being to look up in the sky, see the tower, and start walking in its direction. In reality, I looked up, and saw nothing but blue sky’s. New logical plan, walk until you can see the tallest building in Beijing. Within 20 minutes of circling the town on foot, I eventually see the bulbus head of the tower in the distance between two low-rise shopping centres. Elated, I march on.

Following a series of premature right turns and backtracking, I finally reach the entry at 1.45pm. Having started my hunt at 10am that morning, I was now hot, sweaty, dehydrated, starving and slightly delirious. Still, I was shamelessly excited, my curiosity had now become an obsession.

Unfortunately, after being informed that the revolving restaurant was only open from 11am to 2pm for lunch, I decided that I hadn’t come this far only to be rushed through my Japanese buffet, even though by this stage 15 minutes was more than enough time for me to consume everything in sight. This moment was to be savoured.

Looking up at the CCTV tower, I thought ‘ Tomorrow, it’s you and me my friend. Now I know where you live’, and I swear I heard the Wicked Witch of the West cackle in the background.