Taste Restaurant in Nanluogu Alley

What drew me to Taste restaurant was it’s real estate – an old, gray bricked church, with one of those circular windows at its peak. Inside, the decor is cosy with striped material covered wooden furniture, and display cabinets hosting a range of liquor and crockery. At Taste, patrons are easily influenced into a relaxed state by the modern chinese intrumental music that plays throughout the 3 levels of this establishment

Like half the cafes and restaurants in Nanluogu Alley, the menu had a large variety of traditional chinese, modern chinese and western favourites on offer

Keeping it light, I selected the Salted Fish and Chicken with Eggplant hot-pot.

I wasn’t expecting to be impressed. I’d already eaten at a couple of restaurants in Nanluogu Alley and had been disappointed as my selections never quite hit the spot, you know, when you want to wiggle in your seat because you’re just so happy?

Taste was tasty! Visually pleasing, the course glistened enticingly in a mixture of spiced oils, and was simply garnished with chives, shredded garlic and seared ginger. The clay pot enabled the decently sized portions of tender eggplant to stay hot and juicy throughout the entire seating, while the chicken and salted fish, cast only to highlight the eggplant as the primary ingredient, had been minced and blended finely with the herbs.

Though initially disappointed that the chicken and salted fish didn’t come in bite size, I realised that the dynamic of flavour and texture would not have been so perfectly balanced for each mouthful if the meal had been prepared in any other way.

Rating – Excellent!