The joys of living with K in Buenos Aires

During our stay in Buenos Aires, K and I went through the amazing Super Panchos, hot dogs at 4am in the mornings phase, followed by the ultra fatty ‘I’d give up an Argentinian bbq for this!’ deliciously cheesy pizza phase, before finally mastering the nachos phase becoming excellent Best Nachos in town critics. In addition to K, I was eating an average of 500 grams of yummy Bife de Chorizo a day. Life was good.

One lazy afternoon while enjoying watching cable TV in our apartment on Serrano St, K excuses himself to go to the bathroom and did not return for a whole Big Bang Theory episode. (45 minutes)

K eventually emerges from the bathroom.

T – ‘What happened to you?’

K, exhausted and sweaty – ‘The toilet wouldn’t flush! And I can’t fix it, so I’ve been using the garbage bin in the bathroom to throw water down the toilet for the last half hour… the shit just wouldn’t go away! It was hard work man, I felt like I was back in the village or something.’

T – *rolls on floor laughing*

Considering how much K hates the use of ‘effort’ in any way, it came as no surprise when for the next couple of days until the toilet was fixed, whenever a bathroom run was needed, K would rather take a walk to the cafe across the road, or plan a day near the Buenos Aires Hard Rock Cafe where ‘the toilets were so amazing I didn’t want to leave!’

A Big Bang Theory quote that reminds me dearly of K – “If outside is so great, why has Man spent CENTURIES perfecting INSIDE?”