On the way to Ilha Grande!

This would be the second time I went rogue on the Tucan tour, but the opportunity to travel with some amazing people – Orla, Kylie, Pip, Joe, Darran and Mel – was too good to miss!

Destination – An island off Angra dos Reis, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, called Ilha Grande

After the Pantanal, Ilha Grande become a symbol of Greatness, like the island in the television series LOST. EVERYTHING was going to be GREAT once we reached the island.

It didn’t disappoint – It was like stepping onto a movie set. Not only was Ihla Grande beautiful with amazing snorkeling and beaches that would rival the most famous beaches in Australia, this island was full of charm and bursting with character, with food and a cake man to die for!! (crepes, pizza, seafood, deserts, you name it!)

And miracles did happen.

– Both Darren and Kylie’s Pantanal victim, bite ridden, bodies healed after their first swim in the ocean at the gorgeous Lopez Mendes

– Pip woke up one morning and found that she could see! Before realising that she still had her contacts in her eyes.

– Joe found that he could sun-bake until lobster red, without blistering.

– And I found the most amazing Mohito’s in the world at a beachfront café called Café do Mar – It was delicious!!

Oh, and Orla found that she could walk! … Kidding, her legs were always perfectly functional 😉

It was everything I had envisioned, and more, with my favourite travelling partners adding the cream to this delightful experience.

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